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Write the image to a graphics file in PNG format, specifying a bit depth of 4.
Reading and writing image files is simple with IMAQ Vision. By using built-in IMAQ Vision functions, you can store and retrieve images in the following formats:

Unity - Manual: Writing Image Effects
This example shows how to write image data from the MATLAB workspace to a file in one of the supported graphics file formats using the function. The Write Image | Stationery Store In Salt Lake City, UTEssay Writing Marathi Image Essay on My Country in Marathi Essay on ..Reading and Writing Image Files - National Instruments
In this lesson you have learned just the basics of , which provides extensive support for writing images, including working directly with an plug-in to achieve finer control over the encoding process. ImageIO can write multiple images, image metadata, and determine quality vs. size tradeoffs. For more information see .Perhaps you'd like to include an image in another item such as a message post, signature or static item. You can add an image to these items using the WritingML image tag and your image's unique seven-digit number. When you decide where the image should be displayed, type the following at that location in your item: Does what it says, read and write disk image from and to a storage device. The only drawback is it can only read exact copy of the disk (not occupied sector only which have smaller file size) without compression. Image Writer for Windows, also known as Win32 Disk Imager is a Free and easy-to-use program to write disk images in Windows. It also only lists removable drives in its GUI which prevents accidentally overwriting a permanent disk.