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 This page lists some of the stages involved in writing a library-based research paper.
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Social bookmarking systems are essential tools for web resource discovery. The performance and capabilities of search results from research paper bookmarking system are vital. This paper proposes a combination of similarity based indexing “tag title and abstract” and static ranking to improve search results. In this particular study, the year of the published paper is combined with similarity ranking called (CSYRank). Different weighting scores are employed. The retrieval performance of these weighted combination rankings are evaluated using mean values of NDCG. The results indicate that CSYRank and similarity rank with weight 90:10 has the highest NDCG scores. The result from the experiments implies that the chosen heuristic ranking may improve the efficiency of research paper searching on social bookmarking websites. a quality research paper prepared as FASTYour final custom research paper:"What is Schizophrenia? Research Paper"
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