Presentation class covering effective uses for PowerPoint

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Our presentation training class is the most highly participatory and personalized course of its kind. Participants have two senior level instructors to help them learn and practice fundamental and advanced presentation skills. There are 10 digitally recorded personal presentation situations and each of the 10 presentation situations is followed by personalized one-on-one feedback from a senior instructor to guarantee progress and eliminate any distracting behaviors.
Presentation Training: Sales Presentations Class
Participants in this all-day (8 hour) presentation skills class learn to become more convincing when presenting an idea or product. These presentation skills are applicable to virtually any social or business setting, from one-on-one interviews to addressing your team or executives. How to Do a Presentation in Class - Level B - Teacher CaseyMaxppp ; High school student giving presentation in class, stock photoProfessional Communication and Presentation Class Mini Discussion