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if you are asking is my sentence grammatically correct you
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Is my sentence correct?? If not what is the correction please
If you are asking, “is my sentence grammatically correct?” You are not the only person that asked that question. If you want to ensure that your sentences are flawless, you can check out some best sentence checkers online. With the tools, they help you in checking sentence structure, it provides you helpful suggestions, and it helps you to check for plagiarism to have original documents and others. Answers of Question Is my sentence correct?:I had not been feeling well when I heard about the sudden demise of your father.,Answer:the given sentence is wrong.Is my sentence correct? I had not been feeling well when I heard about the sudden demise of your father. Follow . 11 answers 11. Report Abuse.Is my sentence correct
With the “is my sentence grammatically correct”, you will improve your communication skills, regardless of your profession. The first impression is important and the reality is that you might not effectively convey your message if your writing is full of grammatical errors. Readers will focus on the mistakes and will probably miss the points you were trying to make.