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The Cold War of Metaphors: Cybernetic Fiction and the Fear of Control in the 1960s
n Friday, February 15, 2015, President Obama signed an creating the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC). The CTIIC will serve as a fusion center for information about cyber threats and attacks, synthesizing intelligence from a range of government agencies and the private sector. It is the next manifestation of the White House’s growing concern with cybersecurity, following in the steps of the of 2008 and the Presidential Policy Directive on of 2013. It is clear that many people, including prominent policymakers, view cybersecurity as a major—if not potentially existential—threat to the United States; the Director of National Intelligence recently declared cyberattacks to be the facing the economy and national security. There is certainly reason for the United States to pay increasing attention to cybersecurity— and government cyberattacks have increased markedly over the past several years. It is, however, not as obvious as policymakers seem to believe that cyberattacks pose a catastrophic threat to any group of people. believe that the threat of cyberattacks is . Specifically, there is good reason to believe that something as serious as a , and that the effects of individual attacks—acts of sabotage, espionage and subversion instead of war—will remain contained and non-lethal. Given the increasingly important role the Internet is playing in international politics, it is worth understanding the implications of how it is represented in the media and by politicians. Current rhetoric surrounding cybersecurity is dominated by geopolitical and Cold War metaphors that frame the Internet in terms of national security, which is used to justify the militarization of cyberspace and state surveillance. Such militarization needlessly increases the likelihood of US mismanagement in cyber matters
Cold War metaphor help?
We quickly got to work crafting multiple concepts for the spot. Our lead CG artist, Brian Smith, conceived the symbolic Bear and an Eagle showdown over a pile of ICBM’s -- a perfect Cold War metaphor! POTD: Cold War Metaphor In Clear Gelatin - The Firearm Blog: DeLillo's fiction connects acts of violence with Cold War metaphorsCold war metaphors News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel