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Ceera Investments manages investment portfolios for various types of clients.
I don’t think I’ll be giving any of my money to Ceera anytime soon, but it would seem there are more than enough men across the world who are willing to give up their hard earned cash.
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Kalau ada yang follow Instagram (@byceeranoh) and FB aku, mesti dah muak dan dah tahu dah, yang aku peniaga tegar seqybeauty.
Hari hari pun ada post pasal BBCream, Sakura Mask and Skincare SQB. Balik balik muka ni jugak yang dok cocok cocok orang membeli barang yang dia jual. Hey mesti la. Barang bagus kena la berkongsi bersama. Nanti jangan sentap pulak bila tengok kekra sorang je gojes. Amboi dia tuuuuuuuuuu… Are you sure you want to view these Tweets? Viewing Tweets won't unblock @Ceeraanoo.@ceeramoon hasn't tweeted yet.@Ceeraanoo hasn't tweeted yet.
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