'Vote Your Conscience' Was A Rorschach Test. Trump Failed.

A French photographer, won the in 2012 by re-imagining the Rorschach test using the human bodies.
Hermann Rorschach Test is a psyhological test allows investigate personality in detail and determine the disorder of the person's psychological state. This test is also known as the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Why such a strange name? The answer is simple! Testing on the spots (inkblots) of incomprehensible shape causes different associations, on the basis of which the person's mental state is determined.
Exner and others have claimed that the Rorschach test is capable of detecting .
Many people have heard of the famous Rorschach inkblot test in which respondents are asked to look at ambiguous inkblot images and then describe what they see. The test often appears in popular culture and is frequently portrayed as a way of revealing a person’s unconscious thoughts, motives or desires. The issue of the flag makes for a useful political Rorschach test for our time.Exner and others have claimed that the Rorschach test is capable of detecting .Exner and others have claimed that the Rorschach test is capable of detecting .
There are three major standardized tests based on inkblots. The pioneeramongst them was the Rorschach Inkblot Test published in 1921. Use of thistest to explore the subject's psychopathology and basic personality structureis well known. A research publication by Reynolds and Sunberg (1976) rankedthe Rorschach test as number one. They based their findings on Buros MentalMeasure year book. A survey conducted on the members of The American PsychologicalAssociation Division-12, and The Indian Association of Clinical Psychologistsshowed concern from respondents about the limitations of the test (Wadeet al 1978; Sharma, Ojha and Vagrecha, 1975; Dubey, 1982). Zubin (1965)has charged seven major failures as follows:Today, it sometimes seems as though everything is a Rorschach. Hillary Clinton perhaps more so than anyone in history, since at least 1993, when she told Esquire magazine, “I am a Rorschach test.” The introduction to Who Is Hillary Clinton?, an anthology published this year, called her the same thing.The real Rorschach test . The blots aren’t arbitrary, but carefully designed to call forth specific aspects of how we approach the world. Far from being in the dustbin of medical history, the test remains a powerful tool still widely used in clinics and courtrooms today. In other words, even the Rorschach test is not a Rorschach test, not something that means whatever you want it to mean.
“I imagined some kind of graphic duels and instinctively had a look at Rorschach tests,” Valsecchi explains to . “It was a perfect fit for my project; I see a lot of human shapes in them, and I decided to make my own photographic take on the tests.”After November 8, maybe we’ll stop asking the question and start focusing on the answer. The real Rorschach test, not the metaphor, is a way to move past differences in perspective. Because “What do you see?” has an answer, when you’re looking, together, at something right in front of you.Some consider the Rorschach inkblot test , as several studies suggested that conclusions reached by test administrators since the 1950s were akin to . In the 1959 edition of Mental Measurement Yearbook, (former President of the Psychometric Society and American Psychological Association) is quoted in a review: "The test has repeatedly failed as a prediction of practical criteria. There is nothing in the literature to encourage reliance on Rorschach interpretations." In addition, major reviewer Raymond J. McCall writes (p. 154): "Though tens of thousands of Rorschach tests have been administered by hundreds of trained professionals since that time (of a previous review), and while many relationships to personality dynamics and behavior have been hypothesized, the vast majority of these relationships have never been validated empirically, despite the appearance of more than 2,000 publications about the test." A moratorium on its use was called for in 1999.